Feb 21 2012

Latest Photovoltaic Solar Cells News

by admin in Solar Power

Global recession and Climate Change have a common root
For main grid electricity to support 5 percent of vehicular transportation in 2030, the total additional power required will be 65GW which if to be provided by PV solar alone would involve about 5600 km2 of land area. This is based on some estimates …
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Sun power installed at Fife's train stations
The panels are helping directly power lighting, heating and information signs at the stations by capturing the sun's energy. Photovoltaic solar panels produce electricity by capturing radiation from the sun's rays and converting it into electricity.
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Ceres Technologies Expands further into the Thin Film Photovoltaic Equipment
According to Kevin Brady, President and CEO of Ceres Technologies, "Ceres intends to selectively collaborate with PV Equipment suppliers, CIGS cell and Module manufacturers and state and federal agencies with the intent of expanding production worthy …
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